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We provide highly skilled physical and occupational therapy services in the home, at school, or at daycare to children from 2 months to 18 years old.  We find that treating children in their natural environment not only yields the best results, but also reduces the child's anxiety and increases the convenience for their parents/guardians producing increased consistency. 


At Little Feet Therapy we believe that early intervention is the best defense for future impairments.  A child's brain is an amazing thing with great plasticity for learning! There are studies that show a clear connection between the circuits of the brain controlling fine motor skills and areas controlling cognition. Additionally, brain circuits created through movement can be recruited by other areas of the brain and are used for thinking.  In fact, children's motor skills in preschool are related to their intellectual skills in elementary school.  

We specialize in treating gross motor and fine motor delays, as well as, sensory integration and attention issues.  These delays can be due to an un diagnosed cause or due to diagnosis's including, but not limited to;  cerebral palsy, Down's Syndrome, muscle dystrophy, ASD, and genetic abnormalities,   If you are unsure if your child is meeting their gross motor milestones, take a look at our checklist

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