Children Embracing in Circle

Our Services 

We provide in home and school based occupational and physical therapy for children 2 months to 18 years old, teacher education, and community outreach in the greater Charlotte and Raleigh areas in North Carolina. 

Due to current circumstances, we are providing teletherapy and have been able to expand our treatment region to include the entire state of North Carolina, Texas, Washington, Virginia, and Missouri. 

At Little Feet Therapy we believe that early intervention is the best defense for future impairments.  A child's brain is an amazing thing with great plasticity for learning! There are studies that show a clear connection between the circuits of the brain controlling fine motor skills and areas controlling cognition. Additionally, brain circuits created through movement can be recruited by other areas of the brain and are used for thinking.  In fact, children's motor skills in preschool are related to their intellectual skills in elementary school.  


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy addresses any activity of daily life.  For children, this can be anything from feeding themselves, to coloring, to playing with friends.  Areas that occupational therapists work on are, but not limited to:

  • table top hand skills: handwriting, cutting and coloring 

  • self care skills: dressing, toileting, and grooming 

  • social skills and peer interaction

  • arm, hand, and shoulder strength and coordination

  • sensory processing 

  • feeding concerns regarding new foods and textures

  • visual motor and vestibular imbalances 

  • attention and behavioral disorders 


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the restoration or development of movement.  For kids this includes almost everything as they grow and develop; from rolling to jumping to climbing on the playground and playing sports with their friends.  Areas physical therapist work on include, but are not limited to: 

  • movement and mobility: rolling, crawling, walking, running, and jumping 

  • ball skills: catching, kicking, throwing

  • core and lower body strengthening 

  • balance and coordination

  • play activities: climbing on the playground, bike riding, swinging 

  • cardiopulmonary endurance

  • wheel chair fitting and orthotic/prosthetic recommendations 

Teletherapy Services 

Sensory Integration 

Sensory processing refers to how the way your brain responds to experiences within your sensory system to touch, noise, light or darkness,  taste, and movement.  The body can either over respond (ie a child crying when they hear a doorbell) or under respond (ie a child having little to no reaction to a fire truck sirens).  Many people may experience this to some extent, but it becomes a problem when it interferes with day to day life. Through sensory integration therapy we are able to provide the needed sensory input for a child to grow, develop, and get through day to day life without these disturbances.  Below are possible signs that your child is experiencing difficulty with their sensory system.


Sensory Over Responder/Craver:  They will have a heightened response to stimuli and sometimes will be misdiagnosed as ADHD.  These children are:

  • constantly on the move

  • rough housing

  • have a strong preference to spinning/rolling/swinging

  • constantly touching others and things

  • excessive risk taking in play

  • poor turn taking and often interrupts others

  • prefers strong flavors with occasional oral fixation

  • difficulty sitting still

  •  plays music and tv at loud volumes 

Sensory Under Responder: They will have a decreased or absent response to stimuli.  They are often just passed off as disinterested, poor listeners, and uncooperative. These children are:

  • bothered by textures of food or in the environment

  • bothered by tags in clothes

  • bothered by sound/loud noises

  • avoidant of swings/hanging upside down/slides

  • dislikes substances on body and feeling dirty

  • bothered by bright lights

  • sensitive to smells  


We provide virtual visits via telehealth utilizing  GoToMeeting services.  This allows your child to receive skilled therapy services from the comfort of your home and allows you to be an active participant in the session.  The session is conducted as an interactive video conference via Theraplatform.  Additionally, we provide handouts and instructions prior to the session so you will know what to expect and know what to have on hand.  Although this may seem like an unconventional method, we have had great results and parents report improved understanding and carryover of therapy.